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Shopping for clothes has got to be the single most depressing activity in the world. I walk into Kohl's and "Hello, Welcome to Slutville!" All the clothes are just so trashy and cheaply-made... I need better places to shop. I just can't get over the fact that most of the "shorts" are less shorts and more denim underwear. -_- *le sigh*

But, on a better note, I got a haircut today and I'm quite pleased with it! Also, went to a going out of business sale at an antique store and got all these cool boxes and things, most of which are not actually antiques, but I like them anyway. ^_^

Lastly, my brother and I just had a mini-photo shoot, and so I've got even more pictures of my beautiful, beautiful bass. Woot!

'S about it for now...
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Okay, so I took a bunch of pictures of my bass, and here are the two that I think turned out the best.

It's so funny, I've been showing these pictures to everyone. I'm like a parent with a new baby. ^_^

Aaaaaand, it's really hot outside and the air conditioner in my car doesn't work. Ooh, fun thing: my uncle let me go through his two huge binders of CDs on Saturday, and now I've got 34 new burned CDs to listen to. Yay for new music!

Um... was gonna rant about working at the library, but I dunno if anyone wants to hear about Crazy, Smelly Mark and how the library's like, ten degrees hotter inside than the temperature outside. So, homework now! Fun.
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I. Am. So. Happy.
Just got my very own bass guitar and I looooooooove it. Shall have to take pictures and upload them here or somethin'. Went to the music store today with Laura and picked one out pretty quickly. My bank account is crying just a little bit at the moment, but I think it was worth it. They had a cheaper bass/amp set, but it was smaller than a regular bass and it had a really crappy sound. The one I got sounds nice, and it was about twice as much, but I'm quite pleased with it. ^________________^ Now I can finally practice at home! Swoot.
Anyway, that was most definitely the most exciting part of my day, so I'm off to practice on my shiny new bass!
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Okay. I've read way too many fics that have been good, and then I haven't saved the link and I completely forget about them. So, I'm starting a recs list. This will probably end up being updated many, many times as I find new fics... So, anyway, here be ficcage.

See the pretty. )
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So, my weekend was cool. Went to stay in West Virginia in a friend's cabin for the weekend. That was nice and relaxing, except for the bugs. (I am horribly bug-phobic. *sigh*) But hey, there were ants in the fridge. I think that would gross most people out. Anyway, 'twas cool: Saw some deer, went swimming, spent lots of time reading...

At the moment I'm reading this biography on Eleanor Roosevelt for History, and it's actually pretty good. We've read two other biographies this semester and they were both pretty boring, but this one is pretty descriptive, so it stays interesting. It's not just a bunch of facts and dates, which I absolutely hate. I'm finding out more about Eleanor Roosevelt than I ever knew before.

Still practicing bass guitar. I'm beginning to seriously consider buying one, but still trying to decide whether or not I'll actually keep up with it. Laura and I are working on writing our own songs. I started one over the weekend called "Fish on the Prowl" (based on the character of Jesse from the first two eps. of Buffy), and so far I'm liking it. It's making me have more sympathy for Jesse than I ever did before. Hopefully someday we'll be able to do decent recordings of our stuff. And I might post the lyrics for the song on here once they're done.

Erm... that's pretty much it for now. Gotta go eat dinner. Hamburger Helper. Joy.

But I'll leave you with a cute Harry Potter fic I read this morning:
Registration, by: samvimes
Summary: When they get roped into waiting to register James' unborn son for Hogwarts, Sirius and Remus have a long day's wait, and a small dilemma -- nobody's picked a name yet. Faturing the Patils, Finnigans, Longbottoms, Malfoys, and one Weasley as supporting cast...
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Okay, so I probably shouldn't be saying that to myself, but anyway. Birthday yesterday. Twas incredibly fun. Got a yummy cake and nice presents (Yay for comic book money!) Got the Memoirs of a Geisha soundtrack, which I'm not sure if I'm keeping because my mom said she listened to some and it was good, but I haven't even seen the movie yet... Anybody heard it?
Ooooh, best present of the night, and the reason I'm typing to you from my LAPTOP right now: got a wireless card, so now I can hook up to my super-speedy internet connection and it's all just so very fun! I think now I actually am going to just stay in my room all day. I love this, though. In less than a week, I've gone from being years behind all my friends technology-wise to being completely caught up. ^____^ *squee!*

Yesterday was also cool because it's International Week at school and they had an international dance competiton. It was mostly Indian and Middle Eastern dances (the part that I saw, anyway) but they were really fun to watch. I need more Indian music... All I have is the Bend It Like Beckham soundtrack. Anybody have any recommendations...?

Anyway, must continue working on my IT project... so I'll do the updatey thing again later.
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Oh, no. I'm getting into the never-posting thing again... Must. Not. Happen.

Problem is, nothing terribly interesting's been happening lately. Well, that's not entirely true...
We finally got cable internet!! Yay for not being dark-agey anymore! I love it so much, everything loads instantly! Been watching videos online all weekend. Youtube.com is a really cool website.
Also, Laura's been teaching me to play bass guitar. It's quite fun. The only song I can play really well so far is Green Day's "American Idiot", but I also sort of know a few Nirvana songs and one song that we're writing ourselves.
My birthday's tomorrow... which is weird, cuz I can't believe a whole year's gone by...

Aaaand that's pretty much it. I really need a beta reader, becuase I've got this short Buffy fic that I want to post, but I'm not even sure if I like it anymore...
And now I need to go work on my huge IT project due Friday. So, more later.
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Okay so I was reading this writing book, called Writing Down The Bones by Natalie Goldberg, and she wrote something that I completely agree with and love to rant about. If you wanna read my views on English classes in public schools... )
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Did you know there's a city in California called Sunnyvale? Wonder if it's anywhere near where Sunnydale's supposed to be...

AND there's a place called Vacaville. (Cows!)

Yes, this is what I do when I'm supposed to be translating Latin...
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Okay, so, not really so much with the fun, because guess what this is? This is me writing an entry just so I can see how different livejournal layouts look. So, done now. Actual thoughts will come later.
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