Apr. 12th, 2006

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Okay, so I probably shouldn't be saying that to myself, but anyway. Birthday yesterday. Twas incredibly fun. Got a yummy cake and nice presents (Yay for comic book money!) Got the Memoirs of a Geisha soundtrack, which I'm not sure if I'm keeping because my mom said she listened to some and it was good, but I haven't even seen the movie yet... Anybody heard it?
Ooooh, best present of the night, and the reason I'm typing to you from my LAPTOP right now: got a wireless card, so now I can hook up to my super-speedy internet connection and it's all just so very fun! I think now I actually am going to just stay in my room all day. I love this, though. In less than a week, I've gone from being years behind all my friends technology-wise to being completely caught up. ^____^ *squee!*

Yesterday was also cool because it's International Week at school and they had an international dance competiton. It was mostly Indian and Middle Eastern dances (the part that I saw, anyway) but they were really fun to watch. I need more Indian music... All I have is the Bend It Like Beckham soundtrack. Anybody have any recommendations...?

Anyway, must continue working on my IT project... so I'll do the updatey thing again later.


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