Jun. 26th, 2006

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Downpour, downpour, we abhor the downpour... Okay, rain = no fun. Rain = I had to cancel my haircut appointment. No haircut = grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

But besides that, I had a good weekend. Friday afternoon, listened to Brad play his guitar at Mason, which was fun. Friday night, listened to Bethy play her tuba at Mason. (Beth, you're awesome!) Saturday, made sweet music love with Laura and watched Sid and Nancy, which I kinda don't wanna give back to Netflix.
I dunno, I'm still kind of trying to decide if I like it or not. Apparently it's very fictionalized...and I hate Nancy most of the time... but I like Sid. So, if there was just Sid instead of Sid and Nancy, maybe I'd actually go out and buy it. I dunno, if I see it used somewhere I'll get it.
Sunday, helped out at a birthday party. 12 screaming 7-year-olds = scaaaaaary. 0_0
Oh, and the best part, Saturday night we got new cell phones, so now I have a camera phone and it's very pretty. Got a new TV, too. 27 inches, I think. It's very pretty.
Just watched the premiere of Kyle XY, the boy with no bellybutton... So far it's an interesting enough show. The script needs a little work, and his constant inner monologues when he's not supposed to speak English are a little annoying, but I might actually watch more of it... (And now I gotta go with the hurt/comfortyness of the birthdayverse!Angel icon, because there seems to be a slight theme tonight with vulnerable, slightly crazy guys... lol.)
And now I'm a bit sleepy. G'night, folks.


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