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So I've had a fun last couple of days. ^_^

(Noteage: Companion post to Beth's, 'cause she got hers done first and it's probably much more concise than mine.)
Last night, went to Otani's with Beth and Rachel. Beth came to my house and we drove there and spent most of the time comparing driving instructors. Scaaary scaaaary... So glad all that's over. Waited for Rachel to show up and laughed at the lady who was all like, "Wow, look at the chef! He can flip spatulas!"
So Rachel got there and we ate yummy yummy food. Or talked a lot and sort of ate yummy food...
Next came the ever-amusing loitering! Stood outside Otani's for awhile practicing our sign language naughty words. (Dirty whore.) (Cheese!) Rachel told stories about our former driving instructor, aka "The Beast", and made my stomach hurt. (Note to self: laughing hysterically when you've just eaten a lot = ow.) So after we loitered outside Otani's, we walked over to Rachel's car and admired how someone had run into the CVS Drive-thru sign. Also, somewhere in there we came up with "Deer with hydraulics" and Beth did the funniest deer impression ever. ^___^
Decided to wander around the big shopping center for a little while. Saw an Indian restaurant/hookah bar, a hot tub place (Closed, but with the hot tub still on inside...), a Vietnamese place, and an Indian market where they sold videos and *gasp!* milk. And the Vietnamese place sold bubble-tea called Boba, in all kinds of amusing flavors. (Strawberry, avocado, lychee, coffee I think, can't remember the others now but there were several things I'd never heard of...) And naturally, the tea being called Boba made me think of Boba Fett, which somehow led to drinking the tea out of the Boba Fett helmet, which conjured up Indiana Jones images of monkey brains, and it was a whole crazy thing...
Then we turned around and shopping-center-loitered in the other direction, passing briefly through Shopper's (which always reminds me of GrandMart...) and looking at the "pedophilile" (or that's what I heard, anyway) in the newspaper store.
Eventually we got tired of standing and decided to drive over to Starbucks. Rachel made me sad with her mad driving skillz 'cause she got there first (but I made a pretty good U-turn. Yay for me!).
(*sob* The lightbulb just burnt out in my lamp... And now it's all weird-lighty 'cause the only other light I have has colered lampshades... -_-)
Anyway, hung out at Starbucks for about an hour. I now have $0.06 left on my Starbucks gift card! Whee! And I got to taste Beth's frappucino (...?) which tasted like coffee-smell. Yum. I thought I saw a lemur in the wall art, but upon closer inspection it turned out to be a coffee-bean-pouring-thingy. Also, cherry coffee beans... Or, I forget exactly what they were called now, but we had this whole theory where somehow they managed to get coffee beans inside the cherries.
But by far the best part was looking at the personal ads in the newspaper. Trying to figure out what all the acronyms meant was fun, too. Beth's very good at it. But we still can't figure out what WIAF or WIWF mean...
Anyway, I'll try to find my favorites... (stole the paper from Starbucks. Bad me.)

"I'm not looking for a wife. Let's go dancing and African drumming. SBM looking for sexy, sassy white or bi-racial lady."

"Wind Therapy. 42-year-old with SWM, with boat seeks first mate, a SWF for casual sailing on the Chesapeake Bay."

"You: Brunette guy dressed with casual jacket and big belt buckle. Me: Tall, brunette guy in a dark blue jacket and jeans. Made eye contact a couple of times on my way out the door. Love your style. Interested in meeting?"

"Moviestar looks. Hard body. Can't hang on to women. Ex says I'm arrogant & difficult. No particular hobbies or exciting job. ISO patient woman."

Anyway, there were too many funny ones to put them all down, but definitely worth a read once in awhile. I think I'm going to try writing stories about some of these people...
After I almost died from laughing several times, Starbucks finally closed and made us go home. But much fun was had, and there are plans for pho noodles in the future! w00t.

So, I went to the Herndon Festival today. Looked at the arts-and-craftsy stuff a bit, had a sno-cone (yum!), bought some Cranberry-Orange bread (double yum!), and basically sat on the grass listening to music and not riding any rides or winning stuffed animals.
However, I did hear this band that I quite like now. Girlyman: two girls, one guy, folk-y with banjos! and a baritone!guitar. I didn't even know baritone guitars existed... So I bought both CDs, and I'm liking them so far. Lately I've been listening to a lot of punk, so it's nice to get back to softer folky music, too.
Oooooooh, and on our way home the sunset was really, incredibly pretty.
(You can tell I'm getting sleepy, 'cause my description of today was much shorter than yesterday's...)

Yanyway, methinks it's bedtime, so g'night all!


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