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Okay, so I just upgraded to a sponsored account... Gonna have to get used to the adverts, but hey! More userpics! Gotta love it.

So, I went for a... 6-mile bike ride today, I think. It was actually pretty fun, apart from me being kinda sore now. It was a cross-county trail that was part dirt path through the woods, part gravel, and and part pavement. Went under the toll road at one point (there was a creek, so = bridge) and that was really cool. Just hearing the cars going over the bridge above me, sounded like thunder... There was graffiti all over the walls, too, and some people had written big monologues in sharpie over the graffiti. Didn't have much time to stop and read them, 'cause I had to keep up with my dad, but it was all this teen-angsty stuff. ^_^

I went to see X-Men 3 on Friday night. I liked it just as much as the other two, and enjoyed seeing new characters, too. Although I really missed Nightcrawler. And I wished Angel had been a bigger part of it. And I stayed for the credits, and after that scene I was like, "Whaaaaaaat?"
Oh, it was really funny. At the beginning of the movie, when the 20th Century Fox logo went up, some kid yelled, "Yay!" and everybody started laughing.
And I don't know if it was just because it was opening night or what, but it was a very... interactive?... show. Everybody was clapping or laughing at certain parts, and I just love that, when everyone really gets into the movie like that.
About the Xavier thing: After the movie, I was joking with my uncle, "So, what did he do? After he exploded he telepathically picked up the shards of his brain, mushed them back together again, fed-exed his brain to coma-guy, and now he's inside coma-guy's body?"
Oh, and what's up with... I think her name was Arclight? The chick with the meshy shirt and the weird hair with the curls in front? She freaked me out... Couldn't figure out if she was a guy or a girl at first...
And Kitty looked like she was 12 years old! I really hope they weren't trying to go for the Kitty/Bobby romantic angle, 'cause that would just be kinda squicky... I heard that Summer Glau auditioned for Kitty. Wish she had gotten the part instead...

And those were the highlights of my weekend so far. I'll leave you with a Gravitation music video that people keep sending me the link to... Really funny. ^_^


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