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Alrighty, so I'm in the process of translating the transcript of the Firefly episode "Shindig" into Engrish. So far it's incredibly funny/slightly confusing.

That is the smoke darkness. As for four tables there is a play. Approximately 15 people, is mostly human here. The bartender is useful to the beer of the heavy wooden ball. The small table arranges the edge of the room. MAL and JAYNE two other people, do the light/write and the holder. INARA with the beautiful supplies, looks at the glass where the liquor of pink is small, grasps. She the only color, is elegant only. Shock lining up, you speak the light/write simultaneously. In that clue there is a ring on the light right before the point.

WRIGHT: It was not necessary almost to change the boat. (re: shot) Corner 6. At a certain place a stronger lock, as for the door and the storing which are thicker because there is everyone s'posed. Many rations do not have to be needed.

Because him you see according to that clue, sphere everything of the table blinks, the going out in just a little between, then reappears. Generality the roaring voice which it could point boringly comes from all players of the room.

WRIGHT: Just a little!

He sees in the bartender the other patron/patroness the way. The bartender point which is bored to vulgar sign,: "In the failure of sphere" the management which is responsibility (and Chinese that. The sphere which you say) as for the light/write that you do not shoot, does not sink is tried.

WRIGHT: Blinking threw me.

The revolution of MAL. He walks the table which is inspected.

JAYNE: (to Wright) It gains the money and is high.

WRIGHT: The fist, deliver my friend. The border planet needs work. The crew of Terraforming obtained wonderful mortality rate.

MAL: Pocket side.

Another ones which as for MAL that you shoot, line up are made.

MAL: (cont’d) Work. The slave is meant.

WRIGHT: They were not the volunteer for ugly certainty.

MAL: Why whether it was not necessary to put at many rations that?

WRIGHT: I did not inquire about dissatisfaction.

You laugh the light/write and the holder.

JAYNE: Your which rank money? Lot?

MAL lets escape shock and step due to Inara. She uses the brush on the ash of the tobacco from the chair which makes the place in order to sit down separated.

MAL: When you think that you would like to take the lead in the boat, there is a chance which is.

INARA: Well, I am all right. You hold this, really in heart.

MAL: (amused, disbelieving) Obtaining you obtain? Something has held in heart?

INARA: I like the fact that you look at the game. In the same way as other state, the key seems that gives the back section of the heavy stick and position in Jayne.

ANGLE ON: Jayne which sinks one of small-numbered remaining sphere. As for MAL you smile to Inara:

MAL: We should remove exceedingly in the front part, rather than, cause long and still think with of the callous. Approximately certain thief seems the way.

INARA: Thief?

MAL tilts with end, a handful of paper currency of Inara which is inserted.

MAL: He took this right from those separated. They amount obtained that of the sweat their slave tradin.


MAL: Terrible shame. 'Course, as for those until doing the payment of the following beverage it goes you do not become aware to that—

WRIGHT: Just a little!

MAL: Good drinker, that.

The hand of the light/write falls being the shoulder of MAL, heavily. The revolution and land mighty punch of MAL. With those rear, the holder jumps in order to help the light/write. It tackles Jayne him. Because the light/write the foot of MAL from under him kicks Inara vis-a-vis the wall, it jumps. MAL goes down. There is a holder for the second time, shakes pool clue with Jayne. MAL, in the floor with the light/write, the basis of the small table and ram that it grasps. It flies the light/write. That is confound conflict. The other patron/patroness jumps in order to connect. Inara jumps the glass being her head soon, when it pulverizes. She in the fast door takes the lead. She when she goes, transfers the bartender simultaneously.

INARA: Beautiful place. I call to my friend.


And here's the actual script, just in case you can't make ANY sense out of it...

It's dark, smoky. Four tables are in play. There are about 15 people in here, mostly men. A BARTENDER serves beer in heavy wooden bowls. Small tables line the edges of the room.
MAL and JAYNE play two other men, WRIGHT and HOLDER. INARA, in a beautiful outfit, watches and holds a small glass of pink liqueur. She is the only color, only elegance.
WRIGHT is lining up a shot and talking at the same time. His cue has a ring of light right before the tip.
Didn't hardly have to convert the
ship, even.
(re: shot)
Six in the corner. Stronger locks,
thicker doors, keep everybody where
they're s'posed to be. Don't even
need more rations.
As he sights along his cue, all the balls on the table flicker, disappearing for a moment, then reappearing. A general DISGUSTED GROAN comes from every player in the room.
WRIGHT (cont'd)
< Hey! > [Way!]
He looks toward the Bartender, as do other patrons. The Bartender points, bored, to a crude Sign: "MANAGEMENT NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR BALL FAILURE" (It also says it in Chinese.)
Wright attempts his shot, Doesn't sink the ball.
WRIGHT (cont'd)
Flicker threw me off.
Mal's turn. He walks around, examines the table.
(to Wright)
You made money?
Hand over fist, my friend. Border
planets need labor. Terraforming
crews got a prodigious death rate.
Side pocket.
Mal makes his shot, lines up another.
MAL (cont'd)
Labor. You mean slaves.
They wasn't volunteers, for damn sure.
That why you didn't hafta to lay in
more rations?
I didn't hear no complaints.
Wright and Holder laugh.
How much money? Lots?
Mal misses a shot and steps back by Inara. She's brushing cigarette ashes off a chair, making a place to sit.
There's a chance you may wanna head
back to the ship.
Oh, I'm all right. This is
entertaining, actually.
(amused, disbelieving)
Yeah? What's entertaining?
I like watching the game. As with
other situations, the key seems to be
giving Jayne a heavy stick and
standing back.
ANGLE ON: Jayne, sinking one of the few remaining balls. Mal smiles at Inara, but:
Still think you might oughtta clear
out 'fore too much longer. Seems
there's a thief about.
A thief?
Mal leans in close, slips Inara a handful of paper money.
He took this right off 'em. They
earned that with the sweat of their
slave-tradin' brows.
Terrible shame. 'Course, they won't
notice it 'til they go to pay for
their next drink --
Hey! [Way!]
(to Inara)
Good drinker, that one.
Wright's hand falls heavily on Mal's shoulder. Mal spins and LANDS A MIGHTY PUNCH.
Behind them, Holder jumps to help Wright. Jayne TACKLES HIM.
Inara jumps back against a wall, as Wright KICKS MAL'S LEGS from under him. Mal falls.
Holder is up again, swinging a pool cue at Jayne.
Mal, on the floor, grabs the base of a small table and rams it UP at Wright. Wright flies back.
It's a melee. Other patrons jump to join.
Inara jumps when a GLASS SHATTERS near her head. She heads toward the door, fast. She passes the bartender as she goes.
Lovely place. I'll tell my friends.

So, what'd you think? Should I even try to do the rest of the episode?


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